Kiko Presents Wrist Rite

About KIKO Products:

KIKO Products Inc. is a product development and marketing company founded in St. Catharines, ON Canada. KIKO Products is a 100% Canadian company with products that are manufactured and packaged, right here, in Canada.

KIKO is Golf

KIKO Products Inc. is home of the #1 golf tool for lead wrist correction in golf, the Wrist Rite Golf Tool (Learn More).

KIKO is Fishing

We have embarked on a great adventure into the recreational fishing market. Kept hidden and tucked away since the early 80s, this new lure will change the way you fish. We call it the Reel Keel and to learn more, visit

KIKO Believes

KIKO believes that any sport can play a huge role in people's lives. whether it be golfing, fishing or other entertaining/active sports.

Encourage your children to get involved in the love of the game, whichever sport it might be. Living a healthy active lifestyle is vital to each and every one of us and Canadians live in a "rich" environment where there is access to varieties of many sports activities. Promoting healthy lifestyles to our children is the responsibility of each and every one of us.


The KIKO Products Inc Team is a dedicated team of individuals working towards the production and marketing of each product created by the company. The team spirit is one which believes in the products KIKO produces and the forward advancement of sports related products.

Meet the Administrative Team

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  • "I love my Job!" - Laura